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info line: 055-3984036

Is booking required ?

No at tree experience it is sufficient to turn up, purchase your tickets and enjoy.
the park is open from 10 am to 7 pm

Is booking required for a large Group?

Due to the nature of the activity we are not able to take reservations during the weekends and festive periods, however if the group is of 15 people or over you can make reservations for weekdays. In addition to this we offer special deals for groups with more then 15 people. Look at the page: Schools and Groups for more information

Is the adventure park open to everybody?

Yes, unless you have some impeding physical constraints, you are sure to be able to participate. The only rule on accessibility is dictated by a minimum height required; this being of 140 cm with arms raised (usually corresponding to an age of about 6 or 7) For the more challenging Paths: Anaconda Cobra there is also a minimum height required; this being of 160 cm. Look at the page: paths

Do minors need to be accompained ?

Minors are fully guided by trained staff and so can attempt the paths without their parents following suit. However it is essential that an adult be present on the premises

Is any form of special gear needed ?

All the essential gear is provided. We do however impose the use of Rubber Shoes and a casual outfit is recommended.

When is the best time to come during week ends or holiday?

The ideal time is between 12.30/14.30 where the amount of clients is not so great.

Is the park open to visitors unwilling to experience the paths?

Yes the park is open to all visitors. In addition to this there is a bar where refreshments may be purchased. Other facilities provided include parking, a picnic area and toilettes.

Are the animals allowed ?

Yes on the condition that they be kept on a leash.


info line: 055-3984036 – Click for our depliant via E-mail